The life cycle of a facial treatment

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The life cycle of a facial treatment Your face is visible to others and most often one of the first features people see. When you take care of your face by having regular facial treatments, you are also improving the condition of your skin. The advantages of a facial or light peel may be [...]

What is the Green Peel from Dr Schrammek?

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What is the Green Peel from Dr Schrammek? It is the perfect marriage between skin care and dermatology without any harsh chemicals.   What is all the hype about? The Green Peel herbal peeling is: Natural treatment method for peeling the skin on the basis of herbs. 'A new skin in 5 [...]

Glowing skin should be a necessity!

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Glowing skin should be a necessity!! Bright and healthy skin is the best accessory in your wardrobe; make sure your skin is always your best feature.   What causes dull and lifeless skin? The most common cause of dull skin is Dryness and other factors like: smoking, alcohol, poor diet, pollution and lack of [...]

Feel body confident with Venus Legacy.

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Feel body confident with Venus Legacy. Don’t let bulging love handles or tummy ruin your romantic evening.   Venus Legacy may help… Venus Legacy is modern class technology that helps to tighten skin, helps with centimetre loss and cellulite. With all 3 technologies combined the results may be impeccable, meaning less sessions and better results than [...]

Have Silky Smooth Skin for Date Night

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Have Silky Smooth Skin for Date Night. Having excessive hair is a big turn off and may cause low self-esteem. Help put a stop to unwanted hair now!   How might Laser Hair Reduction assist me? Lasers designed for hair reduction emit wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair [...]

Have A kissable Valentine’s Day!

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Have A kissable Valentine’s Day! Hello February, the month of love ♥ With Valentine's Day just around the corner, partners are picking their brains over the perfect way to say 'I love you'... ... forget wilting flower bouquets, chocolates and kitschy teddy bears, because most women have only one gift on their hit list this [...]

Be prepared – For date night!

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Look your best on date night this Valentine’s day. The condition of your skin may determine our confidence, so naturallywe could be looking for that instant treatment to look their best.   What treatment could help give you that instant confidence? The Venus-Vampire facial is a new and innovative treatment which has taken the famous ‘Vampire Facial’ to [...]