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Lamelle’s Guide To Treating Acne…

Did you know? –

Acne may be caused by 4 factors:

  1. The influence of the androgen hormone that stimulates the overproduction of sebum
  2. The proliferation of keratinocytes which create a plug that blocks the opening of the hair follicles
  3. acne (the bacteria that grows deep inside the pores and feeds of sebum) is then stimulated causing the growth of the bacteria due to overproduction of sebum and blocked pores
  4. Then inflammation occurs which then extend into the lower layers of the skin causing an acne lesion


Lamelle’s Approach to treatment

  • Reduce inflammation through the use of anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Tea Tree extract and Azelaic acid which helps to prevent Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Antibacterial therapy aimed at decreasing the proliferation of the P.acne
  • Helping to normalize follicular turnover caused by the shedding of keratinocytes through the use of Retinoid incorporated ingredient which is a form of Vitamin A aimed at increasing cell turnover, Retinoid is also used to decongest pores by opening up blocked follicles
  • Suppressing sebum production which is caused by androgen stimulation of the sebaceous gland. Lamelle’s acne range contains Epidermal Growth Factor that’s created to help decrease the size of sebaceous duct and actively heal skin lesions.

So whats next?

Lamelle offers both professional and homecare treatments that may offer many benefits in treating acne.

Professional treatment include:

  • Chemical peels which can be defined as chemical solutions that harness your body’s natural processes of renewal, I.e discarding of old skin cells to make space for new cells
  • Chemical peels that are aimed at correcting skin concerns as well as achieving visible results
  • How? They penetrate the skin and help break the link between the layers so that the top layer may start peeling off

Results may vary per individual


How often would you need to scheduled in a chemical peel

  • Ideally every 2 weeks alternatively to a month


How many treatments are required?

  • The number of treatments as well as results vary from client to client depending on each client’s concern.

Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.

Homecare treatments would be recommended products to be used for home use for the full benefit of skin health.

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