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Allergans new lip filler – ensures naturally beautiful lips

Everyone is born with a unique smile and specific lip shape; full or pursed, wide or thin, no matter the shape, size or volume many dream of a slightly plumper pout.

Allergans new lip filler available at Lightsculpt Aesthetic ClinicsAlthough the first step to beautiful lips is keeping them well hydrated too look as full and sex as they should, aesthetic medicine has grown in leaps and bounds to bring us specialized dermal fillers and professional techniques that have the exclusive ability to enhance the lips in the most natural, subtle way possible, and preserve that youthful smile.

Health care company Allergan has worked hard to tailor their treatments to lip shape, concerns and specific needs, and has come up with an ingenious way of going it – by identifying five different lip types to help women understand how they might want to adapt or enhance their lips, while still retaining a natural, soft look and feel.

The five key lip shapes identified are:

  • The Apple: Rounded, high volume centrally located in the lips, soft cupid’s bow
  • The Bow: Smooth, long and wide shape, medium volume, broader cupid’s bow, slightly more volume on bottom lip
  • The Ellipses: Full volume lips, highly pronounced and project forwards
  • The Heart: Archetypal lip shape, highly contoured, defined cupid’s bow shape, average volume
  • The Ribbon: Thin, smooth in appearance, low volume, slightly increased volume on top lip


Allergans new lip filler aims to ensure you take away natural, understated beauty from the treatment. It’s a hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler in the form of a smooth gel that the company says has been proven to last up to 12 months in the lips with a single treatment, and can be used to precision-plump the lips exactly where needed for ideal balance.

This “peri-oral” treatment can also be used to create definition of the vermillion lip border, smoothing out those fine barcode lines above the lips, the marionette lines from the lip corners to the chin, and provides support for the corners of the mouth.

Because this unique texture is so easy to control, it allows your healthcare practitioner to be ultra-precise, so your lips are left looking and feeling naturally smooth, soft and hydrated.

“I have a wide smile that is most similar to a Bow shape, and I’d noticed that I’d lost the plumpness that I was used to, and that no amount of lip balm could bring back. I found the treatment itself relatively comfortable, and love the results! It’s definitely something I will keep up,” recommends Johannesburg real estate agent and mom of three girls, Sandy Evans, 44.

Gone are the days of “pout-ragous” and puffy duckbills that celebs were so often seen strutting about with. Due to heavy-handed treatments and unrealistic beauty ideals, this unnatural look eventually gave way to the term “Trout Pout” – when lips are artificially enhanced to the point that they curl back unnaturally, resembling those of a fish. Not a good look.

“When it comes to lips, new patients are generally concerned with an “overdone” appearance on their lips, however Allergans new lip filler creates a completely natural result” says Dr Claire, an Aesthetic Doctor , based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

With the help of a qualified medical professional you too can discover your true signature smile, and subtly enhance your look in an understated, beautiful way, without risk of looking like you’ve had you’re lips “done”, but rather leaving you looking like “vermillion” dollars.

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Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinics now offer Allergans new lip filler at all its branches. Our Aesthetic Doctors have a minimum of 7 years experience and are experts in non and semi invasive cosmetic surgery.

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Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic is a leading non and minimally invasive aesthetic clinic in Johannesburg Gauteng. Specialising in anti-wrinkle injectables, fillers, minimally invasive lipo (BodyTite), non-invasive lipo, laser hair removal and so much more. Make an online appointment with us today!

2 Responses to Allergans new lip filler – Naturally beautiful lips

  1. Jessica

    I am very keen on having my lips done – is this a painful procedure and how long does it take? Also how long does it last for ?

    • Lightsculpt

      Hi Jessica – Allergans new lip filler is a great product – your lips will look lovely!
      The procedure takes around 20 minutes , a numbing cream is used (should you wish) as the injections are with a tiny needle and are not painful at all… The effect lasts for around 20 months! Enjoy


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