What is The Neoshape Weight Loss Programme?

The Neoshape programme is an innovative medical weight-loss programme that has been developed to aid with weight-loss and help maintain a healthy weight along with the development of a healthy lifestyle.

The programme has been split into 2 programmes depending on the needs of each patient. This will be discussed with the doctor during your consultation.

The 2 Neoshape Programmes are:


  • Keto Capsules
  • HCG injection
  • Neoshake


  • Keto capsules
  • HCG injection
  • Neoshape Boost – fat burning IV infusions
  • Neoshake


The Neoshape program is unique in that it offers patients a means of ‘kick starting’ their weight loss journey along with instilling a lifestyle change that will allow the patient to maintain their target weight and a healthy lifestyle.

The Neoshape programme aims to help boost your metabolism along with maintaining muscle mass and burning of fat.

It is important to remember that the Neoshape program gives you the ‘tools’ to facilitate rapid weight loss or loss of centimetres. Adhering to the prescribed diet and exercise are other important components of the program.

It should be emphasised that loss of centimetres is more important than weight loss. Muscle is denser than fat, so you may lose fat, but gain lean muscle mass. This will result in loss of centimetres and not loss of kilograms.


Happy Healthy you!

A healthy lifestyle including good food choices and regular exercise isn’t just about keeping your weight down. A sound diet ensures that your body has sufficient intake of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body requires to function optimally.

While your weight is influenced by genetics and metabolism, if your energy intake exceeds your energy output, you will gain weight.

A poor diet is often one that is high in fat, salt and carbohydrates. This will not only cause weight gain, but also increase the risk of developing diseases of lifestyle such as heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

A high protein diet rich in vitamins and minerals gives a positive metabolic effect without significantly decreasing your daily food intake.

Healthy eating is about what you eat, how big your portion sizes are, how many meals you eat in a day and how the food is prepared.

Being overweight places unnecessary strain on your body, and feeling unhealthy and overweight can affect your mental health as well.


The program is based on treating excess fat whilst maintaining Blood Glucose levels – having the following main (self-administered) components:

  • Morning HCG injection.
  • Supplements in the form of capsules.
  • A daily meal replacement shake.
  • Weekly Neoboost fat burning IV Infusions.



How does the NeoShape Weight Loss Programme work?

An initial consultation by one of our Aesthetic Professionals takes place first – if you are a suitable candidate you will undergo the following:

  • Medical Assesment
  • BMI Assesment
  • Possible blood tests


What is HCG and How Does it Work?

HCG – often when a person follows a lower calorie diet programme they will lose excess fat but they will also lose muscle mass. The hormone HCG is thermogenic with an excellent safety profile when used at the correct dosages. It has been found to be effective in aiding in weight loss but also helping to retain a person’s muscle mass. The hormone is therefore utilised in conjunction with a decreased calorie, high protein diet to see optimum results. HCG has the added benefit of appetite suppression.


The Neoshape weight loss programme can have dramatic results and as such is only available to people who have been approved an appropriate candidate by our doctor.

  • The Initial Consultation is R600 (which is either refunded if you are not a suitable candidate – or is utlised towards the cost of the programme if you are a suitable candidate)


What is the science behind the Neoshape weight-loss programme?

  • Slows down the lipostat trigger through the stimulation of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-hypothalmic axis, thus preventing the starvation response.
  • Decreases cravings for food and releases excess abnormal fat.
  • Neutralizes Protein-Thyrosin-Phosphatase (PTP 1B) improving Leptin communication.
  • Increases the permeability of the wall of the fat cell increasing osmolarity (the passing through) of broken down fat and saturated fatty acids.
  • Ensures rapid fat metabolism preventing lean mass loss.
  • assists with: fatigue, poor energy levels,  liver detoxification, cravings & addictions; immune system booster and stabilizes mood swings.


Will I put the weight back on?

As with any form of weight loss – if you eat incorrectly your body will store fat. The Neoshape programme comes with a fantastic eating guideline which will empower you to keep the weight off.

Neoshape Starting at R2500.

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