Neoshape Weight Loss Programme

Neoshape Weight Loss Programme

What is Neoshape Weight Loss Programme

At Lightsculpt we offer the Neoshape Weight Loss System, a combined HCG & GLP-1  diet and medical weight loss program which treats the cause of obesity , low leptin levels, while maintaining an optimum blood glucose level . Neoshape is a safe and effective weight and fat loss program administered by doctors  to overweight people. Neoshape  specifically addresses the reduction of stubborn fat , which results in slimming of the body. The Neoshape weight loss programme is only suitable for men and women suffering from obesity  – available in Johannesburg at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinics

The program is based on treating excess fat whilst maintaining Blood Glucose levels – having the following main (self-administered) components:

  • Morning Injection of (HCG) lipotrophic
  • supplements in the form of capsules,
  • a daily meal replacement shake
  • Evening Injection of GLP-1 – decreasing glucagon


The Neoshape weight loss programme can have dramatic results and as such is only available to people needing to lose more than 10 kilograms. Neoshape is safe for diabetics as it maintains blood sugar levels in the body.

How does the NeoShape Weight Loss Programme work?

An initial consultation by one of our Aesthetic Professionals takes place first (as the programme is NOT suitable for people needing to loose less than 10kg) – if you are a suitable candidate (obesity level 2 and higher) you will undergo the following:-

  • Medical Assesment
  • BMI Assesment
  • Possible blood tests


  • The Initital Consultation is R600 (which is either refunded if you are not a suitable candidate – or is utlised toward the cost of the programme if you are a suitable candidate)


You will then schedule your start date – which will be an hour overview of the programme, injections, and supplements (the induction group of 5 similar candidates) is conducted by Dr Claire

What does the Neoshape weight loss programme consist of?


1) Neoshape Lipotrophic (HCG) injections

2) Neoshape Meal replacement shake

3) Neoshape Thermogenic capsules

4) Neoshape glucagon (GLP-1) injections

To some the thought of an injection is rather daunting – however, the Neoshape HCG and GLP-1 injections are presented in a very easy to use micro pen which is administered in the abdomen or thigh and is literally a pinprick.

What is the science behind the Neoshape weight loss programme?

According to the latest research HCG and GLP-1 could be the most effective weight loss hormones

  • Slows down the lipostat trigger through the stimulation of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-hypothalmic axis, thus preventing the starvation response
  • Decreases cravings for food and releases excess abnormal fat.
  • Neutralizes Protein-Thyrosin-Phosphatase (PTP 1B) improving Leptin communication.
  • Increases the permeability of the wall of the fat cell increasing osmolarity (the passing through) of broken down fat and saturated fatty acids.
  • Ensures rapid fat metabolism preventing lean mass loss
  • assists with: fatigue, poor energy levels,  liver detoxification, cravings & addictions; immune system booster and stabilizes mood swings.
  • GLP-1 Increases insulin levels, thereby moving glucose out of the blood and into cells – lowering blood sugar levels
  • Supresses Glucagon – preventing the liver from releasing sugar into the blood


Neoshape Pricing?

The Neoshape Weight Loss Programme pricing has 2 options:-

  • Neoshape Max R4500 – including consultation and Doctor analysis.
  • Neoshape Lite R2500 -including consultation and Doctor analysis.

The pricing excludes blood tests (R250) if required.

Will i put the weight back on?

As with any form of weight loss – if you eat incorrectly your body will store fat. The Neoshape programme comes with a fantastic eating guideline which will empower you to keep the weight off.

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    I did the Neoshape weight loss programme – it was fantastic , i lost 37 kg in 2 months and had good energy levels throughout the programme – thanks Dr Claire and team!
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