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Lamelle South Africa

Leading cosmeceutical skincare products available at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic.

One of the front-runners in cosmeceutical skincare, Lamelle is a South African company that have been well-established in the cosmetic industry for over 7 years.

Lamelle are a biotechnology research company that have a special interest is cosmeceutical skincare and cosmetic dermatology. They pride themselves on the care and effort that goes into their product development and manufacturing.


What makes Lamelle different to other skincare companies?

Lamelle believe in developing skincare that does not just moisturise and protect the skin; but also helps make significant long-term changes and improvement to the many concerns of the population. Their goal was to find an alternative to prescription medication or strong topical ingredients.

Lamelle are first and foremost a research laboratory, studying active/advanced pharmaceutical ingredients that have a substantial effect on concerns like; ageing, acne, pigmentation, dull skin and free radicals.


What skin concerns can Lamelle help/treat?

Lamelle have developed a wide variety of products for individual concerns, split into different ranges for each concern.


For the signs and side effects of the ageing process lamelle developed a range called Dermaheal:

Dermaheal helps provide anti-oxidant support, UVA and B protection, human growth factor application to renew and stimulate the skin, reduce thinning of the skin, improve poor texture and all with no skin irritation; the range consists of:

  • Foaming cleanser for normal/oily/combination skin
  • Gentle cleanser for dry/sensitive/Atopic skins,
  • Daily cellular repair cream for normal/dry/sensitive/Atopic skins.
  • Hydrating sunscreen (SPF 30) for all skin types and robust sun protection.
  • Ultra-moisturising renewal night cream.
  • Eye regeneration plus cream.
  • Ageing reversal neck serum.
  • DermaHeal – R357 incl Vat (In Stock)

Acne/ congestion/ poor skin texture


For acne/ congested skins, Lamelle developed a range called Clarity & Acnevelle:

Clarity & Acnevelle combines topical products with an oral supplement used in conjunction. Designed to help reduce dark marks, scarring, skin dryness, overproduction of oil, poor natural skin shedding, blocked hair follicles, increased growth of bacteria and development of acne lesions; the range consists of:

  • Clarity active cleanser
  • Clarity corrective AM
  • Clarity corrective PM plus
  • Clarity active control
  • Acnevelle capsules (60)
  • Clarity&Acnevelle – R260 incl Vat (In Stock)


For hyperpigmentation lamelle developed a range called Luminesce:

Luminesce is designed to help effectively combat epidermal pigmentation and the melanin itself, whilst stimulating an anti-ageing effect; the range consists of:

  • Brightening cleanser
  • Brighter day cream
  • Evening glow cream
  • Brightening defence SPF 30
  • Luminesce – R345 incl Vat (In Stock)

Environmental/free radical damage

For free radical damage and premature photo-ageing, lamelle developed a range called Nourish:

Nourish is designed to help protect the skin against cellular injury, deactivate naturally occurring free radicals in our bodies (Reactive oxygen species, ROS) and protect the skin from external environmental free radicals.; the range consists of:

  • Revitalise cream
  • Daily cleanser
  • Revitalise eye
  • Revitalise lite moisturiser
  • Rescue repair gel
  • Multi-active sun 30
  • Nourish – R223 incl Vat (In Stock)

Why should I choose Lamelle?

The reason to choose Lamelle for your skincare routine/regime or just for key products would be if you are concerned with your skin. Some people may find that they have no concerns and their skin is well maintained by cosmetic skincare. However most people who are concerned with their skin will notice that their skin does not improve with the use of Cosmetic skincare; this is when Cosmeceutical skincare would come in.

Lamelle is best suited for people that want to help reduce, improve and maintain individual concerns or problematic skin. Lamelle is only available in Aesthetic clinics due to the potency and strength of the active ingredients it contains and can only be retailed by fully trained aesthetic professionals.


“Protect and invest in your skin, you are only given one “


Visit our fully trained aesthetic professionals at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic; where we can analyse your skin and individual concerns. We are able to locate superficial and deeper routed skin conditions and concerns that you may or may not have been aware of. This then gives us the capability to accurately recommend a tailored skincare regime or individual solutions for your skin. Results may vary per individual.