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Lightsculpt Medical

Welcome to the future of holistic health care and well-being. Lightsculpt medical is a unique and innovative concept that has been introduced to the Lightsculpt family in order to assist patients to cope with the stresses of daily life which may lead to various ailments such as excessive weight gain, depression, chronic headaches and chronic fatigue. Our cutting edge treatments are exclusive to Lightsculpt Medical, and have been designed with individual patient’s needs in mind. This means that treatments are tailored specifically for each patient helping to give you an optimal result, whilst maintaining our ethos of using minimal or non-invasive techniques. We are very excited for you to start your journey of holistic well-being with us and look forward to welcoming you to the Lightsculpt family.

Chronic Headache Clinic.


The incidence of chronic headaches amongst the adult population may vary, and is commonly mismanaged or misdiagnosed condition.

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NeoShape Medical Weight Loss.


Neoshape Medical is an innovative medical weight loss programme that has been developed to help people who have trouble losing and maintaining weight-loss. The programme has been designed to be ‘tailor-made’ for each patient based on your individual needs, concerns and results of special investigations (blood tests)

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Depression and Anxiety.


Various studies have shown that facial expressions associated with depression may not just be the consequences of low mood.  In fact, they may be integral components of the disorder, and may therefore be targeted with much benefit as an entirely new approach to the treatment of clinically low mood and depression.

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Scar and Keloid Treatment.


Scar management is considered one of the more difficult problems to manage following a surgical or traumatic event. There are several factors that act to influence the final outcome of their management.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Hormone levels may decline as we age; bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to replenish the hormones that your body needs to function optimally. The molecule of the bioidentical hormone is identical in structure to the hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) naturally found in the body.

We at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic use bioidentical hormones instead of synthetic hormones to help decrease the effects of low hormone levels. We will assess your individual needs and try help you bring your hormone levels into a more optimal, more youthful range.

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Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Treatment.


At Lightsculpt Medical, we have innovative and unique treatments that can help you fight fatigue, using the latest pharmacological and intra-venous treatments to help you combat the effects of this debilitating condition. Benefits may be for various forms of fatigue in conditions such as: depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, myotonic dystrophy, opioid-induced sleepiness, and Parkinson’s disease.

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