Taking care of dry, sensitive skin.

Have you ever wondered why some products make you sensitive? Or why you think some treatments aren’t for you?

You might actually have an impaired lipid bilayer or should I say a compromised barrier function.

A functional skin barrier is essential to prevent unwanted environmental elements from penetrating into the body and causing damage. Another important function of the barrier is to trap water in the skin. Adequate water levels are essential for normal skin and body functioning. An adequate barrier is made from multiple layers of cells trapped in lipid rich layers (made by cells in the skin), however if this organized system of cells and bilayer is disrupted (by external aggressors) the skin loses it’s ability to retain water,causing the sensation of dryness,tight, itchy and rough skin.When the skin barrier is badly disrupted, external substances of the environment can penetrate into the skim leading to skin sensitivity I.e Eczema


How do we correct this?  

Lamelle’s SERRA range to the rescue

Lamelle’s SERRA’s range works by mimicking the structure and function of the natural lipid bilayer which is essential in maintaining a healthy epidermis or topmost skin layer. So instead of creating a single layer of moisture on the skin’s surface. Serra helps recreate the human skin barrier- essentially replacing what’s missing & eliminating the root cause of dry skin.

Combining the patented Ceramide-P with new anti-inflammatory peptides and dexpanthenol, Serra moisturisers assist in helping to relieve skin dryness or sensitivity and aids in treating Atopic Dermatitis by helping to restore the lipid bi-layer effectively.

Contact us today to book your consultation for dry and sensitive skin – our friendly skin care professionals may have a solution to your skin concerns! Results may vary per individual.

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