Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic

Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic was founded in 2011 by 3 medical visionaries in an attempt to add value through professionalism and regulation of the aesthetic industry in South Africa. The desire for perfection in our patients led to the concept of pooling SA’s medical talent into Lightsculpt in an attempt to become the most comprehensively qualified aesthetic centre.

Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic offers non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures with a core focus on facial rejuventation – through the use of “Muscle relaxing agents” and dermal fillers, fat reduction through the use of RF Technology and healthy sustainable weight loss thanks to our NeoShape Programme.

In-house theatre with state of the art medical devices ensure our clients have the best in-theatre procedure experience that Lightsculpt has to offer.


Aesthetic Innovators

Modern technology has exponentially compounded advancements in human aesthetics. Longevity and renewal play an ever increasing level of importance in society. Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic stands at the helm of deploying technological breakthroughs down to clinic level and actual implementation. Our continued efforts in search of the “NEW” in the aesthetic field keep us focused on maintaining our edge in this beauty niche.

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Our growth can be attributed to placing the utmost of importance on “perfection”. Delivering the most sought after cosmetic procedures via the most capable aesthetic doctors is the driving force behind Lightsculpt’s success. Our goal is to continually expand in the aesthetic industry and become synonymous with being highly respected in the world cosmetic procedures.
Our growth in and around South Africa bear testimony to our continued effort in perfection.

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