Eyebrow lift

The eyes are generally the first thing we look at when speaking to a person; holding emotions and reactions that people may or may not mean to show. They are said to be the “window to the soul” and by looking at a person’s eyes we can often decipher the emotion a person is feeling, even before words.

This is why it can be upsetting for some people, when the brow and eye area start to give into the ageing process. Sagging or slackening of the brow can often make the eye area appear puffy, tired and aged; even though the person does not feel this way at all.

There are make-up alternatives that may make the eye area appear brighter and reduce the look of fatigue; however this is not a long term solution and can only help with the tone/colour of the skin, not the texture and elasticity

An eyebrow lift may drastically change the appearance of your face; making the eye area firmer, smoother and fresher. Eyebrows may be lifted via non-surgical techniques such as muscle relaxing agents and dermal fillers.


Muscle relaxing agents and dermal fillers

The shape of the brow and the lift you might get is determined by where the product is placed. Every patient is different and the product may be placed in different area, for example; if the area on the outside of the brow is slackening then that is where the product will be placed. This is the same for the inside and middle of the brow. Some patients may require the product to be placed across the whole brow, to help lift the entire area. Results may vary per individual.

There are muscles in the face that pull down the eyebrows and muscles that lift up the eyebrows. A medically trained muscle relaxing agent injector can carefully inject just the muscles that pull down, which help in giving a lift to the brows. This may also give the eyes a more open look. Although results may vary per individual, most people can expect up to 2 millimeters of lift, which sounds like a little but in the face is usually enough for a noticeable improvement.

Muscle relaxing agents may be used to weaken muscles selectively, changing the balance among facial muscles to pull in different directions.

To help raise the brow, muscle relaxing agents are injected into two or three muscles that actually pull the brow down, so with these muscles weakened, the brow usually lifts slightly.

The main lifting muscle of the brow creates lines when it lifts the forehead. By selectively weakening parts of the brow muscle, the lines may be softened. If overdone, the brow could droop unattractively.


Certain muscles play “tug-of-war” with areas of the face. Examples include:

  • The corner of the mouth: Muscles lift the corner in a forced “cheeky” smile or turn the corner of the mouth downward with frowning.
  • The outer part of the eyebrow: The squinting muscles pull the eyebrow downwards while the forehead muscles pull it upward. Injecting the squinting muscles relaxes the pulling down of the brow and creates a chemical “forehead/brow lift”.
  • The central upper lip: “pursing” muscles pull it downward, whereas muscles just to the outside of the nostril create a “gummy” smile.


How long do muscle relaxing agents last?

The muscle relaxing agent’s effects vary per individual, but generally last between 3-4 months and the duration is affected by the dose of the muscle relaxing agent that was injected.


Is it painful?

Some people do not like the idea of needles but muscle relaxing agents are virtually painless because small, thin needles are used to inject. With a muscle relaxing agent there is no need to treat the complete area of concern; by just treating the muscle it may lift the area. This enables fewer injections to be required.


Are muscle relaxing agents harmful?

The muscle relaxing agent used at Lightsculpt, like most cosmetic/medical solutions can be harmful in large quantities. Only a small amount of the Muscle relaxing agent is needed because the aim is to just affect the small muscles of the face.

Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.