Fat Loss Injections

Ceccarelli Fat Loss injections are a non-surgical fat loss procedure alternative to help treat small localised areas of fat.


What are Ceccarelli Fat Loss Injections/Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle and nonsurgical method which helps reduce the accumulation of stubborn fat deposits in targeted regions of the body.

Ceccarelli may be an extremely effective method of helping to combat cellulite and enhance the effects of dieting and exercise. Ceccarelli may help reduce fat safely around the waist, inner thigh, abdomen, under the upper arms, knees, ankles, face and double chin.

Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.




Photo’s are of best results achieved. Results may vary per individual.

How does the treatment work?

Lipolysis for fat reduction and cellulite treatment uses a mixture of fat-dissolving combination of Vitamin C, iron and lignocaine, injected to the localised regions of the body. The treatment is performed by a specially trained professional and involves virtually painless micro-injections into the targeted fat layer beneath the skin.

The Vitiamin C is employed as a pro-oxidant; ascorbic acid acts as a reducing agent when mixed with iron, and the Fenton’s metabolism is initiated. A mixture rich in hydroxyl type radicals is generated.

During application, these radicals may lead to cracking of the membranes of fat cells in the treated zone and to outpouring of their content into the surrounding tissue. From there, in a natural way, via the bloodstream, the fat is transported to the liver and metabolised. Transportation takes place via the lymphatic system, therefore the need to drink a lot of water.

It is necessary to emphasise that this procedure is not an alternative to a healthy diet or exercise, but helps to target areas not easily affected by regular exercise and dieting.

The Ceccarelli protocol employs a physiological process naturally occurring in the body, resulting in minimal post procedural swelling and inflammation or tenderness. One to Three treatments are necessary to achieve patient results required, which are visible in a few days, with further improvement thereafter.


How does the procedure work?

The solution is injected into localised fatty deposits in a grid like pattern. Injections of about 1ml per site, at about 1cm apart. In a single session the maximum to be injected is 200ml. No area on the body larger than two hands should be treated in a single session.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions required depends on the amount of resistant fat the needs to be dissolved. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient, but for a moderate amount of fat usually 2 to 3 treatments are needed. Results are generalized and may vary per individual.


Are there any side effects?

The side effects may include slight bruising and mild swelling after threatment but these usually subside after a maximum of 2 days.


Who is the ideal candidate?

Lipolytic Fat Loss Injections/ Lipolysis is suitable for those uncomfortable undertaking an invasive procedure such as Liposuction and that only wish to treat small pockets of fat.


Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.