Why would we need to use Growth Factors?

Growth Factors act as natural messengers that allow communication between cells in our body. They are the control mechanism for all wound healing and cellular repair – reversal of signs of ageing. Normal cell division and differentiation (and thereby regeneration) is dependent on these specialised Growth Factors.



  • A healthy, glowing, smooth, plump epidermis capable of holding vast quantities of moisture.
  • Increased collagen and elastin production.
  • Increased blood supply and cellular support for growth and differentiation.
  • Skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction and improved elasticity.

… to name a few!


Introducing the NEW Dermaheal products!

The Dermaheal range used to only include 3 different growth factors, but the new products contain up to 5 different growth factors:

  • Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor
  • Keratinocyte Growth Factor
  • Transforming Growth Factor ß3 – helps with scarless healing as well


Nano-encapsulation of the ingredients (Growth Factors) help to allow the delivery mechanism to be more effective and reach the point of action deep down in to the epidermis and dermis where other products may not.


Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream

Normal to oily skins to help with reversal of signs of ageing.


Dermaheal Renewal Cream

To help dry and aged skin types – this product is rich and luxurious.


Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream

This product is not for skin that has not used growth factors for at least a month in preparation; because it not only contains your Growth Factors but also Retinoic acid ester (Vitamin A) – therefore also just for night time use.

Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.

Consult with an Aesthetic Therapist for a friendly chat and get some great advice to help choose the best suited product for your skin! Follow the link below to get in touch.