PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to Treat Hair Loss – Johannesburg, Gauteng

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) combined with Medical Skin Needling is a natural procedure that uses your body’s own plasma to help stimulate the hair follicles encouraging new hair growth. This procedure may be effective in the treatment of Alopecia.


How Does The Procedure work?

A vial of blood is drawn from your body and centrifugally spun to separate the platelets.The Platelet Rich Plasma containing concentrated amounts of growth factors is then infused directly into the scalp. The skin remains intact and is not damaged therefore promoting constructive regeneration. As the skin begins its wound healing process these growth factors are present in the follicular bulge area, where stem cells are found. This helps to activate the proliferative phase of the hair cycle, which may result in new thicker, hair growth.


What Can I Expect After The Procedure?

There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure and almost no downtime. Skin will appear flushed and red immediately after treatment; you may experience a ‘sunburn’ like sensation. This normally subsides within 24 hours. You may also experience some minor swelling or bruising at the injection sites.

How Many Hair Loss Treatments Will I Need?

For optimal results, patients are normally advised to have 3-4 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart in order to obtain optimal results. Maintenance treatments may be required every 3-6 months. Results may vary per individual.


Will I See Results Immediately?

Results are not immediate, hair growth will start to become visible about 3-4 months after your initial treatment as the platelets stimulate the growth factors which assist in more hair growth. This will gradually improve over the ensuing months. Results on any treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.


Procedure Side Effects?

The area treated is usually swollen for a few hours to two days and there may be some bruising. Your own blood is used so allergies or reactions are not a concern with PRP and there is no risk of scarring or changes in pigmentation. Therefore medical needling can be used in Asian and dark skin.

 ♥ In Clinic Results


hairloss_before hairloss_after[/beforeafter]

Photo’s are of best results achieved. Results may vary per individual.



What Does PRP Hair Loss Cost?

The complete PRP Therapy procedure takes around 45 minutes and costs from R3200 per session, it is performed by a Doctor (and should ONLY ever be performed by a trained Doctor). Enquire with us online for a caring and confidential quote.


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