Shaving is old-school, and so expensive!

Ever wondered if Laser Hair Removal is worth it?

Let’s do a few calculations to see when you start saving money from not having to shave…
We have taken the price of a common brand* of lady’s razor blade to work out when your laser hair removal will pay itself off and start saving you money.

What does Laser Hair Removal Cost? 
Lets start with how much you pay to have laser hair removal under your arms. If you have 6 sessions you would pay R1800 (6 x R300 = R1800).

When would you start to save?
Once you have completed your laser hair removal and are hair-free you could start factoring in how much you would have paid if you were still shaving regularly. Spoiler alert – its 1 Year and 8.7 months – thereafter you start actually SAVING money! Let’s also not forget the time you save with not having to shave.

Here’s how we worked it out:  
A pack of 4 razor blades would cost R260. So we would be paying R65 for each razor blade that we use in that pack.

If we changed our razor blades after every 10 shaves (as recommended by the manufacturer) and shaved +- 3 times a week – a razor blade would last around 3 weeks. So the cost of shaving would be R21.66 a week and R86.64 a month (4 weeks).

Now, if we take R1800 (The cost for laser hair removal) and divide it by R86.64 (what it costs per month to shave) we would end up with 20.77 (1 Year and 8.7 Months) – this is the amount of months it would take for your laser hair removal to have paid for itself … and lets not forget, from here onwards, you start saving money on not having to buy razor blades as often to shave your pits!

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