What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a broad term used to describe the process of delivering active ingredients into the middle layer of the skin to induce lipolysis or fat mobilisation.

The following graph indicates the level of dermal delivery possible with the various Mesotherapy methods:



epidermis – topical application



dermis – micro needling, needle-free transdermal delivery devices



hypodermis – medical mesotherapy with needles



Why would I need active ingredients in the dermal layer of my skin?

To really help influence skin physiology positively you need to put the correct ingredients in contact with “living cells”. This means, at the base of the epidermis where cell division takes place, or in the dermis where you have fibroblasts – the factories responsible for tissue formation.


Mesotherapy applications:

The electrical needle-free methods are free of any discomfort and have proven to help increase dermal delivery – Results may vary per individual.

Here you can gain the benefits of the active ingredients without any downtime or symptoms. This will be best in skins with impaired healing, low pain threshold, very sensitive skins and those high at risk for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, although just about anyone could benefit.

The micro needling methods use needle devices such as rollers or electrical micro pens.

The needles puncture the skin, creating delivery channels for actives straight to the dermis. The miniature ‘puncture wounds’ also help release growth factors which stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen. Hence the term “collagen induction therapy” (CIT). Results are generalized and may vary per individual.


Medical Mesotherapy can only be performed by doctors and registered nurses.

Very short fine needles are used to inject the actives into the dermis and hypodermis. This method offers precision and maximum delivery of actives into the dermis. It produces a moderate mechanical response and CIT. This treatment is though to be the ultimate medical facial.


Which actives should I be receiving?

The mesostetic lab brings you the widest variety of actives available on the market. The actives are packaged in sterile ampoules which means the product entering the skin is free of contaminants. The products are designed to work at their optimal level to make true dermal delivery possible, for best results.

Some popular actives used to improve a variety of aesthetic concerns include: Vitamin C, Retinol, DMAE, Biotin, Dexpanthenol, Hyaluronic acid, and Organic Silicone. They are used to help treat:

  • ageing & sagging skin
  • poor skin texture
  • pigmentation disorders1
  • acne scars
  • stretch marks & flat scars
  • hair loss
  • cellulite


What about down time?

The needle techniques may produce a visible redness for up to 2 days, similar to a mild sunburn with subsequent dryness, tightness and slight flaking for up to 7 days post treatment.

Make-up can be applied from 1 hour post treatment. Bruising is usually not a common occurrence in skin rejuvenation, but can occur with cellulite spot treatment.


How soon will I see results?

Skin condition generally should start to improve from the first session and may be visible from the 2nd or 3rd treatment. Results vary according to age, general health and the indication being treated. To obtain maximum results, it is important to finish the treatment sessions suggested by your practitioner.


Mesotherapy may also be combined with other treatment procedures, and homecare products. To achieve even better results, please discuss treatment options with your practitioner.Read more about DUAL DERMAL REPLENISHMENT AT LIGHTSCULPT


Is it painful?

All the needle methods produce a slight pricking sensation. Your practitioner will apply a topical numbing cream to ensure you are comfortable.





Will my results last?

Results are accumulative and will last longer after each session as your skin’s metabolism and functioning becomes healthier and stronger.

After you have completed your initial course of treatments, it is important to return for regular follow ups to maintain results. Stress, smoking, poor lifestyle and the natural aging process will deplete the skin of actives and it needs to be restored regularly to boost skin functioning and to delay aging.


Are there any side effects I should know about?

A common side effect of Mesotherapy for fat reduction can be bruising, but this should disappear within a week. Some people may experience temporary soreness but this too should disappear within 24-48 hours.