What is The NEOShape Weight Loss Program?

So many weight loss programs promise quick and easy weight loss. The fact is, the basis of successful weight loss is a safe, medically supervised, healthy calorie-controlled diet combined with some physical activity and above all a supportive team who will help you every step of the way.

NEOShape is an innovative medical weight loss program that has been developed to help people who have trouble losing and maintaining weight loss. The program has been designed to be ‘tailor-made’ for each patient based on your individual needs, concerns and results of special investigations (blood tests).

This consists of the NEOShape 3-Step Weight Loss Program, along with additional medications and intravenous infusions that may be supplied based on your medical history and weight-loss needs.

The NEOShape program is based on treating excess fat whilst maintaining blood glucose and energy levels.

  • Improve energy levels
    A healthy lifestyle leads to improved energy levels

  • Medically Assisted
    Our team of medical and weight loss professionals help to provide your best chance at weight loss success

  • Manage Results
    Keep the weight off by forming healthy eating habits

  • Monitored Weight Loss
    Regular assessments help keep you on track as well as help us monitor your weight loss needs as you progress

  • Detox and Cleanse
    Detox phase to designed to cleanse your body and help reduce bloating

  • Regulate Hormones
    Helps improve mood and is effective during weight loss

  • Support Community
    Join our online community to share your journey, get advice and inspiration when you need it

  • Tailored Weight Loss
    Everyone is different, so why should weight loss be ‘one size fits all’? NEOShape assesses your individual weight loss needs

Medical Weight Loss in 3 easy steps!


Detoxing is like giving your body a proper oil change. Imagine getting an oil change for your car, but not changing the oil filter. So no matter what type of new oil you add, all of it will be processed through a dirty filter. It’s the same with your body. Eating healthy foods without detoxing is like getting an oil change without changing your filter. By detoxing, you will clean your body’s filters so it can become a well-oiled machine.


Now that your body is a well-oil machine after completing the RESET phase its time take it up a notch. By now you have started to develop a healthy eating plan and have adjusted physically and mentally to your weight loss lifestyle. Let go of the calories mindset and simply follow the portion sizes and meal plan designed for you. Exercise will also play an important role in this phase of the program.


Now is the time to keep progressing, no matter how hard life pushes back, by diversifying your food and exercise and evolving your plan into a way of life with your family and friends. In the REPROGRAM Phase, continue to eat clean and supplement with the NEOShape® protein shakes. It’s time to own your health. It’s time to live your life energized. It’s time to THRIVE!

How do you start the NEOShape Program?

Before starting the NEOShape program you will need a consultation with a doctor to complete an assessment which will help determine your weight loss requirements. For optimum results you will need to follow the NEOShape 3-step weight loss program.

Patients start the RESET phase of the program after this initial consultation. Reviewing of blood results and individualized recommendations are discussed 2 weeks later during a follow up consultation.

1. Contact a NEOShape Clinic

2. Book your appointment

3. Start the RESET phase & get blood tests

4. Progress to the RIP phase

5. Finish with the REPROGRAM phase

For more information about the Medical Weight loss Program, visit the NEOShape website: