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Lightsculpt’s secret weapon help to banish stubborn pigmentation. As seen by former Miss SA Claudia Henkel.

Why are brown spots, melasma and other pigmentation problems sometimes so hard to treat?

Let’s start with what is pigmentation – Pigmentation is the term used to describe an abnormality in colour to our skin.

The human body produces a natural pigment called melanin found throughout the body and is the main element in the colour of skin, hair and eyes. From birth the colour of our skin is decided upon from the amount of melanin it contains.

As a natural response to the sun our bodies produce more melanin, to dissipate any harmful UV radiation that our skin absorbs. This natural response reduces the risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers; however our skin cannot protect us against everything it is exposed to. Often when the skin is unable to protect us from certain elements it results in damage to the melanin supply in that area; causing an over or under production of melanin called pigmentation.

Pigment in the most superficial layer (epidermis) is the easiest to treat because as the skin renews itself, the pigment will slough/shed. But when the pigment drops deeper down into the dermis, the renewal process is much slower and treatment creams or peels may not always reach it. The hardest of all is when there is also an increase in the number of pigment cells and the pigment is deep. You would need a thorough skin analysis by your skincare specialist/Doctor to ensure the right treatment plan and products are provided for more effective results.

Possible causes of brown spots, melisma and other pigmentation problems (triggers of pigment):

  • Sun Exposure
  • Pregnancy or hormonal changes
  • Acne
  • Skin Irritation
  • Your genes
  • Over use of dangerous skin bleaching agents

This one skin issue accounts for a vast number of patients walking through our doors at Lightsculpt that are desperate to get their skin to look even and flawless. At Lightsculpt we offer a possible treatment of this condition and have developed a comprehensive strategy to help fight the effects of pigmentation – THE PIGMENTATION PROTOCOL.



THE PIGMENTATION PROTOCOL starts with an initial consultation that would include –

  • A Skin Care Therapist and Doctor consultation
  • A comprehensive Visia skin analysis 
  • Formulation of your tailored PIGMENTATION PROTOCOL treatment plan
  • Your first treatment (Usually a chemical peel to help condition your skin for the next treatment)
  • Possible PureGlutathione IV to help reduce melanin production and therefore help prevent excess pigmentation formation
  • We would also advise on preferred products such as the PureGlutathione Cream, PureGlutathione Capsules and a Serum help to keep enhancing results until your next appointment.

Your PIGMENTATION PROTOCOL treatment plan may consist of the following treatments to maximize results depending on your skin type as different concerns require specialized care and treatments –

  • IPL, Plasma Therapy (Helps with Moles, skin tags, various skin lesions, freckles, sun spots)
  • Chemical peels, Dermapen Skin Needling (Helps with Pigmentation after Acne )
  • Cosmelan Peel for extreme cases (Chloasma aka. pregnancy mask)

Treatment of pigmentation varies dependent on the severity of the condition, its causes and where they appear on the body.

Laser treatments have been used to help combat pigmentation, the treatment skillfully uses broadband light from the laser and can treat pigmented areas safely and effectively with a series of treatments.

The most commonly treated areas are the ones that are more visible and include the face, neck, hands, arms and back. Laser Treatment is a great treatment option for pigmentation caused by the sun and for freckles, brown spots and redness. The laser energy gently heats the upper layers of the skin which is then absorbed by the targeted area being treated. This process aides in stimulating the production of collagen and aids in blending the natural colours present.

Chemical Peels aim to do exactly what the name says. They assist your body in “peeling” away old and unwanted skin cells, to speed up the regeneration process. The skin peel breaks the bonds between old, unwanted cells, making them “drop off”, to allow new cells to grow in their place. Results may vary per individual.

With hyperpigmentation specifically, this process gets rid of the darkly pigmented cells faster. This allows the new, even-tone cells to take their place. So doing, the hyperpigmentation may go away faster.

Superficial Dermapentreatments may be performed as often as every 2-4 weeks to help manage and correct uneven tone without overstimulating or harming the skin. Unlike laser or IPL, Dermapentreatments may be performed on all skin colours and on all types with unwanted pigmentation.


Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic – In Clinic Results!  Results may vary per individual.

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