Khanyi Mbau chooses LightSculpt for Skin Lightening


A skin lightening infusion is a minimally invasive procedure with no downtime


We’ve had Khanyi Mbau at Lightsculpt Clinic for Skin Brightening and Immune Booster IV infusions. She’s had over 10 treatments and is simply loving her results!  

TESTIMONIAL – Khanyi Mbau:
“My Skin is no Secret. Everyone knows that I’ve been treated with Glutathione IV’s. I have been on Glutathione in some form or another for years.
Using Glutathione is an excellent way to achieve skin brightening. It is completely safe as it’s naturally found in our bodies, not to mention the detox abilities it has! L-Glutathione is my Secret Weapon for beautiful Skin!”

This minimally invasive procedure involves an intravenous infusion of 2 main active ingredients (glutathione and vitamin C) that, over several procedures, may naturally lighten your skin and reduce excessive pigmentation.

How does a skin lightening infusion work?

Glutathione works with your body to help promote lighter skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. The lightening process starts from the inside out and creates an overall body skin lightening effect. Glutathione inhibits melanin synthesis by means of stopping L-DOPA’s ability to interact with tyrosinase in the process of melanin production.

Types of IV Infusions Offered at IVPush @Lightsculpt Clinic:

  • SkinLight – perfect for giving your skin that natural radiance.
  • IVGlow – ladies will love how healthy they may look.
  • PureEnergy – ideal for the festive season (aka party season).
  • IVMan – perfect for 25hour day man!
  • NeoBoost – Fat burning IV Infusions offered along with the NeoShape Programme.
  • RECHARGE – helps to recuperate your body after intense workouts and over-training.

IV Infusions are administered by our Doctors in a safe sterile environment. Procedure time is generally 15 minutes. Results of treatment may vary per individual as everybody is different and may respond differently to treatments mentioned.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our IV’s for skin tone start at R1100 per infusion (Single Dose) and R1650 per infusion (Double Dose).

Save with packages: R9000 (10 x single dose IV sessions) and R14000 (10 x double dose IV sessions).

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